Let's Compare the Top Two Competitor Analytics Tools

Let's Compare the Top Two Competitor Analytics Tools

Competitive analytics tools use one data collection methodology to give you a high-level view of how each digital market is doing, down to individual domains. They provide traffic analytics and user demographics for 1:1 comparative analysis across all platforms. Usually, competitive analytics tools will use a mixture of direct website tracking and a user panel of known attributes. ?

Think of competitive analytics as a simpler version of your main web analytics tool, but with the ability to compare yourself to others in the same industry.

Insights you can gain from competitive analytics tools:
  • How much market share do you have in comparison to your direct competitors?
  • What are the types of audience demographics that make up your traffic?
  • Does your audience demographic differ from your competitors?
  • How do you perform across all platforms – desktop, mobile, app? Do your competitors do the same?

Find a competitive analytics tool that will give you enough knowledge to understand your market. If you’re a publisher, you can utilize the insights for sales pitches and quantifying your market share. If you’re an advertiser, competitive analytics help you refine which platforms can best reach your target audience. The benefit is knowing the market and evaluating how you can optimize your ads or your platforms.



comScore is an enterprise competitive analytics tool that provides overall digital performance, audience demographics, and multiplatform comparative analytics. comScore collects data based on their trademarked “Unified Digital Measurement” methodology. UDM is a mixture between actual user measurement and machine measurement. They have a user panel of 2 million people where they track all their online behavior, while knowing all of their actual demographic data. Then, the user panel data is combined with actual tag and cookie data to give a comprehensive view of online digital performance.

What makes comScore stand out?

comScore is the premier competitive analytics tool that large publishers and advertisers use towards sales planning and media ad buying. Since all large publishers integrate comScore into their platforms, it gives an overall view of how you compare against the market. It’s based on actual tracking data with complementary audience demographics to allow you to make a fair analysis of the industry.

Note: The publisher or domain must integrate the comScore tracking properly, so there may be discrepancies to individual domains.



HitWise is a competitive analytics tool that provides consumer insights, competitive data, and search behavior based on sampled data from ISPs. Its expertise lies in competitive data as you can view target companies’ digital market share by visits, searchability, and paid advertising. Through advanced modeling, HitWise does provide audience demographics data as well to help you better understand your audience.

What makes HitWise stands out?

HitWise is an affordable competitive analytics tool to view your market share and competitive landscape. Since it doesn’t require a tracking code, smaller domain traffic are usually provided, which can be helpful for people who are not large publishers. If you’re selling advertising on your website, it’s beneficial to use HitWise to convince buyers of how you stack against the rest of your market. See how much potential share you have and how users are reaching your website.


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