The Leading Social Analytics & Listening Tools You Should Know

The Leading Social Analytics & Listening Tools You Should Know

Social Media tools are comprised of three different types: social publishing, social analytics, and social listening.

Social publishing features include post scheduling, post customization, content calendars, and asset libraries. Social publishing tools streamlines teams by post across all social media platforms in one user interface.

Social analytics provide data to help teams monitor social performance. Determine which content types, user segments, and times work best for every campaign and account.

Social listening is the advanced set of analytics where you can dive into overall social conversations based on keywords, hashtags, and mentions. Social listening tools provide features for sentiment analysis, influencer research, and brand reputation monitoring.

All three types work together in giving a full package of managing and monitoring social media strategies. Find a social media tool that streamlines the complete process from content curation all the way to analysis.

Here are insights you can get from social media tools:
  • Which type of content performs best, in terms of creative, copy, and location?
  • Is my content reaching qualified traffic that converts?
  • How my content influence engagement across platforms?
  • What types of trending topics and conversations are happening right now?
  • Are users mentioning my brand having good overall sentiment?


Sprout Social


Sprout Social handles both content publishing and social listening capabilities with their recent acquisition of Simply Measured. With the publishing aspect, Sprout Social allows you to schedule posts across most social platforms, monitor mentions and private messages, as well as stay organized with a content calendar. If you get the corporate version, you’re able to categorize your campaigns with tags to make it easy for you to monitor over time in reports.

What makes Sprout Social stand out?

With Simply Measured features, you can explore more into actual conversations, topics, hashtags, and trends based off of curated keyword groupings that Sprout’s team helps manage. Most of social listening analytics is based off of Twitter due to other social platform restrictions. This, however, can still be useful in reacting to real-time conversations, ?especially by specific geolocations or radius. Simply Measured also gathers top influencers’ posts supported by post metrics to help lead influencer strategy and planning.



Sysomos has two tools for social listening and monitoring, Heartbeat and MAP. Heartbeat is more for real-time social monitoring limited to identified brands of your interest. The strength comes with understanding the share of voice for the brands you use Heartbeat to follow. Heartbeat does give a full view of how each brand is doing with posts and following – like a preset dashboard to view at a glance.

What makes Sysomos stand out?

Sysomos’ MAP, on the other hand, is more of an exploratory tool to allow you to dig in deep to whatever you’d like based on Boolean-grouped keywords. Think of it like as social search engine to review content, top keywords, sentiment, influencer research with authority scoring, and more with historical analytics!

Crimson Hexagon


Crimson Hexagon is an enterprise-level social analytics and listening tool, specializing in sentiment analysis. With its training capabilities, you can create your own type of machine learning to identify key conversations for your business. You can also do general social publishing with Crimson Hexagon while measuring the social performance over time. It’s great to use during real-time campaigns to proactively respond to user conversations in the moment to increase engagement.

What makes Crimson Hexagon stand out?

Crimson Hexagon gives you the tools to train your own sentiment analyzer to fit your brand and voice. Without having to use a generic one created for all businesses, you’re able to categorize what you think is positive, negative, and neutral yourself.



HootSuite is a social media management platform, offering scheduling, analytics, and monitoring features. You can use the in-app content calendar, while curating content all within the platform to perform all your social needs.

What makes HootSuite stand out?

HootSuite is best known for its cost-effective social scheduling features for multiple social media platforms. It includes additional features to help you create posts within the user interface. Monitoring trends and mentions, while collaborating with your team help expedite social post setup.



Buffer excels with its social scheduling features across all social media channels. They provide extensions to live within your browser to make it easy to grab content for posting. The content calendar also helps keep your planning organized to avoid any repetitions. You can also easily edit creatives to fit different social requirements for posting.

What makes Buffer stand out?

Buffer integrates with your browser as a simple extension to help you stay within your search experience, while bookmarking content for posting. It prevents any disruption to your path, but also allows you to publish the right content when needed.



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