Leading UX User Testing Tools to Elevate Your Research

Leading UX User Testing Tools to Elevate Your Research

User Testing is an analytics methodology to gather real user feedback, both qualitative and quantitative, online. User testing comes in many forms as it’s embedded within the user experience: surveys, live recordings, session recordings, and more. With the ability to view an actual session, businesses can learn to understand what causes fallouts, exits, and frustration. User Testing methods complement historical analytics to answer the “why” for user behavior trends and issues.

Insights you can gain from User Testing tools:
  • Why do users normally abandon cart?
  • What type of users are more inclined to convert?
  • How do users feel about my user experience?
  • What issues do my users normally face while using my platforms?
  • Is my product beneficial for my target audience? How so?

Identify a User Testing tool that covers all the types of user feedback you’d like to collect. Find one where you can easily facilitate a test to get the metrics and answers you need. As an added bonus, look into how the support team helps teams optimize their user tests.



UserTesting is like its name – user testing platform to help you understand the why behind your digital performance with real user feedback. You can recruit users within the platform or even connect with your actual customers. UserTesting provides support to structure tests, execute, and report. However, you can also do it yourself easily with their user interface. As the test completes, you can review actual session recordings with live feedback and survey data for both website and mobile app experiences.

What makes UserTesting stand out?

UserTesting allows you to be independent in facilitating your own user tests, but also gives you the option to reach out to the support team. With the in-app ability to recruit your own test takers with self-created screeners, you can create tests within minutes. UserTesting also provides all the tools necessary for participants to complete questionnaires, recordings, and more.



Qualtrics is known for its qualitative research and reporting. Get real customer feedback with Qualtrics to fit your user experience dynamically. Qualtrics offers multiple designs and options to gather user feedback as its presented to the user. After data is collected, Qualtrics uses predictive analytics (iQ) to understand when a user is most likely to churn or convert. iQ will analyze open answers based on sentiment and trends, while sending alerts to your inbox. Qualtrics is advanced with its rich experiential data, providing an easy reporting interface and dashboards customized to your team roles for targeted analysis.

What makes Qualtrics stand out?

Qualtrics is a premier experiential tool that is used by many businesses and even universities. It’s easy to facilitate tests within the tool, and also gather aggregated data results for post-questionnaire analysis. Qualtrics is versatile by offering various types to structure tests, so user experience is seamless.



FullStory is a session recording tool to help you dive into actual user behavior. They provide real session replays organized by automated segments based on trending behavior. You can filter sessions without having to watch each one by user attributes, engagement, issues, and device. An added bonus is that FullStory does record the console log too for any Javascript error debugging.

What makes FullStory different?

FullStory organizes sessions automatically without you having to review every individual one. It will find common attributes, so you can just focus on issue and behavior analysis.

Google Forms


Google Forms is a free survey tool to help you get real-time responses for anything you need. Google Forms is entirely customizable to ask the questions you need to make informed questions. Feedback is then collected to show within the form or aggregated in an excel sheet for real-time analysis.

What makes Google Forms stand out?

Google Forms is free and easy for all user types. The user interface is intuitive and quick to facilitate questionnaires as you need.


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